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Aloha, my name is Victor, I live in the Princeville-Hanalei area on the North Shore of the island of Kaua'i


I offer massage/bodywork, and healing retreat programs for anyone who wishes to transform their health and vitality to a new level, clearing the past, enjoying greater freedom, heal all body ailments, discovering deep self-connection through the ways of the ancient Hawai'ians.


I am primarily a bodyworker. I have studied dozens of massage, bodywork, and energy work modalities, and apply them intuitively to support my clients in whatever their needs and intentions are, no limits.  Miracles happen on my massage table often. My work includes the healing ways of the Hawai'ians (such as Ho'opono'pono, Lomi Lomi), Doaists (medical chi gong), Japanese (Jin Shin Jyutsu), and modern day bodywork (Neuromuscular therapy, myofascial therapy, deep tissue and structural integration, cranio sacral therapy, quantum touch), and others as well.  I am able to sense and find psychosomatic holdings in people's bodies, and tension vectors; and am very proficient at clearing those, and lead rebalancing adjustments. WHATEVER the issue someone has, I pretty much always find the primary causes and help them either recover quickly, or set them on the optimum path.


In addition to massage / bodywork / healing work, I am immersed in the sacred knowledge and ways of the ancient Hawai'ians. I spend a good deal of time visiting ancient Hawai'ian temples. I provide guidance to clients to help them reconnect to their past, ancestors (aumakua), which is essential to resolve deep rooted traumas/holdings that hold them back in life.


Kaua'i is a very magical place. I offer guidance to the best experiences possible here, secret powerful places, healing spots... a way to connect to nature, exotic places, for incredible experiences that often no words can describe... facilitating a dream transformation of people's lives.


Feel free to contact me to discuss what aspires you and discover how I can facilitate it.

Be Inspired.  Be Free to Live Authentically as a Creative.


If you are in need of accommdations, I have a few places close by that I recommend.  Just contact me.

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